Hello and Welcome to my new blog! (I thought it was time to put all my art and travel blogs under one roof)

‘Who am I?’ you ask.

The short answer is nobody special (except to my family and friends, that is –  I hope)I’m no one out of the ordinary but I have had the good fortune to have lead an extraordinary life, a privileged life.  Not in any financial sense, you understand, simply in the context of time and place. Like other Baby Boomers who grew up in the austerity of a post war Europe (N.E. Scotland in my case), I came of age during the liberating, crazy ’60’s and went out into the big wide world, filled with a huge sense of optimism for the future (well, we’d just landed on the moon – where next?) armed with a solid set of values (Victorian grandparents saw to that!) and an insatiable thirst for knowledge of our, till then still largely undiscovered, planet.

Having trained as a ballet dancer, long before the days of charter flights and easy travel, my early career took me to places I could barely pronounce and afforded me a unique insight into different cultures, many of whom had yet to wake up to the 20th century (I’m talking loooong before technology linked us all with a common thread).

It’s these insights I’d like to share with you. The photos are mostly old, faded and a bit crinkly at the edges (just like me!) but they each have a story to tell….of lives lived and  days gone by, when the world was somehow a simpler and more hospitable place – or maybe that just an illusion created by the passage of time…..

Anyway, true or not, that was how I saw the world then – I hope you enjoy them!

Oh, and just to fill you in, I’m Yvonne Ayoub. No longer a dancer, today I’m a freelance artist, still with a passion for travel – which now provides the inspiration for most of my work.


Where am I?

Between October and April I’m based in Central London where I write a blog about my life as an artist living in the hectic but vibrant, stimulating city: YVONNE AYOUB ART

But before long I begin to yearn for solitude, peace and tranquility so every spring I take myself off to my other home, on the beautiful Greek (Mamma Mia!) island of Skiathos, Greece. Here, happily painting away in my little studio in the olive grove, moments from the sea, I write about my island adventures on my Greek Island Blog: ‘PAINTING SKIATHOS’.

In between, I seize every opportunity to travel the world’s most beautiful and exotic places.   Our planet’s natural beauty and cultural diversity provide an endless source of inspiration for MY ART, which can be seen on my main website: WWW.YVONNE-AYOUB.COM

Each expedition has its own story to tell and these are added to  my ‘RAMBLINGS’  page.

So, enough about me, I invite you to join me on my travels and I welcome all enquiries  – as well as your comments!


To view, purchase or commission  any of my ORIGINAL PAINTINGS, ILLUSTRATIONS, MURALS and PHOTOGRAPHIC or DIGITAL IMAGES please visit the extensive galleries, on my main WEBSITE

FRAMED & UNFRAMED PRINTS and GREETINGS CARDS of all my work can be also purchased online at:




In addition, I offer a quality, bespoke DESIGN and PRINT service – to meet all your PERSONAL and CORPORATE STATIONERY needs, such as personalised greetings cards, wedding stationery, letterheads, business cards etc + WORLD-WIDE SHIPPING SERVICE.

Please feel free to CONTACT ME  for all your ART inquiries and thank you so much for visiting!


(Please note: All content and images on this blog are the copyright of ‘Yvonne Ayoub’ and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without my prior permission)


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